Meredith Yoga & Mindful Living

Meredith Yoga & Mindful Living
is a small, dynamic business devoted to improving busy, modern lives with yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques.  I regularly teach weekly classes, beginners courses, workshops and day retreats as well as private sessions.  Please join the mailing list to be kept up to date on the calendar - even if you aren't a Londoner - I write weekly on how yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help us bring more clarity, purpose and joy to daily life.       

A Brief Backstory

Born and bred in Buffalo, New York, I began practicing yoga as a student of Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1996.  The following year whilst living in London and traveling in Europe, I picked up my first book on Buddhism in Edinburgh and began to meditate.  Yoga and meditation have been my steadfast companions ever since.

After eighteen rewarding years working with contemporary art in the UK and US, I became a full-time yoga teacher in 2014 and spent the summer
in South India learning, living and teaching in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu.  I now teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness to people who want to invest in resilience, poise, clarity and joy in their bodies and minds.  I love my work and I am just getting started.  Future plans include more courses and retreats with interesting collaborations as well as creating online resources and publishing.

I live in London with my husband, daughter and fluffy white dog named Teddy Roosevelt.  A full family life, my interest in yoga, a desire to create a meaningful business and a gigantic appetite for books and culture keeps me happy and my curiosity well fed
.  In spare moments I find time to garden, sing, dance and make art for my family and friends. 

Despite being a great lover of cities, my favourite places are Lake Erie and the Scottish Hebridies where I am lucky to find myself often among loved ones, the open landscape and sailing boats.