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Daily Home Practice

Daily practice is a game changer and I aim to inspire and empower my students to develop their own daily home practice.

The first recording above is a 12 minute guided daily home practice sequence I taught at a Home Practice Workshop and the photo with my dog is a drawing of the sequence.  Please use them!

In my home practice workshops each student is taught how to modify the sequence to fit their goals and interests with this sequence at the core of the daily practice.

The second recording is short mindfulness practice I made for the students at my 5 week mindfulness course.  I teach how to practice without a recording, but we thought this might help too.  It's suitable for a total beginner.  More info on services I provide to get you meditating in a manner that suits your daily life can be found HERE.

If you would like to join a Daily Home Practice Workshop, a Free Mindfulness Taster Session or 5 Week Midfulness Course either in person in London or online from anywhere, please join the mailing list at the top of the page to be kept up to date.

What previous workshop attendees have to say:

"I can now roll out my mat and not have to be concerned with what to do...this is very helpful first thing in the morning before work."

"Thoughtful and well organised and I came away feeling confident about practicing on my own."

"I now have confidence in my daily practice."

"The prescription was a really great aspect and I have used it every day."

"I am more motivated to do yoga at home."

"We went through the home practice so many times so that I felt familiar with it when I did it at home alone."

  • Mindfulness Quickie6:41

  • 12 Minute Yoga Practice12:52

  • Interview with Daily Practice Specialist15:46