please note:
I am moving to Fulham.
These classes have been taken over by other amazing teachers as of 25 May.

For Mondays contact Michele / for Wednesdays contact Ana.

If you would like to arrange a private yoga session, please email me.

Days & Times:        
Mondays 8-9pm - a door code is required for this class, pre-book
HERE and it will be sent to you
Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:30am  

Yoga mats & props are provided. 

St. Barnabas Church, 40 Calton Avenue, Dulwich Village SE21 7DG

MAP above* free on-street parking

* Please note class is at the church on Calton Avenue, not the Parish Hall on Dulwich Village

One hour yoga classes for de-stressing, re-balancing and nourishing your body and mind.  We practice in a lovely room overlooking a private courtyard.  Expect precise yet simplified instruction to guide you to reconnect with your body and breath.  Classes are suitable for beginners and beyond, but please contact me if you have any questions about your suitability. 

If you are a beginner, expect to be guided into yoga postures in a gentle yet concise way, surprising yourself with what you are capable of when working in an informed and patient manner. 

If you are more experienced, expect a slightly slower, yet deeper practice where you will rediscover your body on yoga and create a more nuanced, rich practice.

All classes have purposeful themes addressing the many facets of your wellness which can benefit from yoga and mindfulness.  Mindfulness themes are woven into the classes and we often make time for guided mindfulness practices.  


Meredith Yoga & Mindful Living