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What type of Yoga do you teach? 
I teach Hatha Yoga.  It'S the mothership of yoga, tried and tested for thousands of years.  My teaching is informed by my personal practice which dates back to 1996.  Over the years I have practiced many different types of yoga, notably Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow.  I draw from all of these lineages and teach Hatha Yoga which is the root system of yogic postures from which all of the above practices are derived.  I also use mindfulness techniques to assist students with staying present both in their practice and their lives. 

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is simply attending to the present moment with a non-judgmental, open and curious frame of mind.  Mindfulness meditation is derived from a particular type of Buddhist meditation, yet is not a religious practice.  It's very simple, but it's not always easy.  Dividends come from regular practice, yet a practice can only be a few minutes long.

What are your classes like?
I have been told time and time again I am a welcoming person and a good communicator.  I have a sharp eye for healthy alignment and precision in yoga postures.  Students are provided with clear teaching points in a gentle, clear manner.  I only teach at fit for purpose, delightful spaces and I do not over crowd my classes.  You will be provided with a mat and any props necessary for practice.  Classes atmosphere is calm & focused, but non-competitive.  I tend to attract students who are nice to be around, interesting people who are life long learners.  My
Testimonials Page includes student descriptions of my classes.

I'm a total beginner.
I can't touch my toes.
Will I feel stupid or out of my depth?

You are in the right place.  I love teaching beginners.  Yoga is the perfect activity for building flexibility.  I have lots of students with flexibility issues.  Give it six weeks of practice, you will be amazed.  I don't mind if you can't touch your toes, I will meet you wherever you are and so will yoga.

I have specific health conditions and/or concerns.
How do I know if yoga is OK?

Get in touch with your physician and me. 
Email me or call 0795 795 3616.  I am trained and experienced in working with all sorts of conditions from arthritis, high blood pressure and recent surgery to total blindness.  I teach how to modify postures to suit health conditions so please make me aware of any concerns you have.  You can be assured of confidentiality and discretion.  Do follow instructions from your physician and seek advice from your GP.


- Classes *begin* at the start time so please arrive 5-10 minutes prior so you can check in and settle on your mat.
- I will be at classes 15 minutes before with the room set so you can come and relax or catch me with a question before class.

- Wear something comfortable you can easily move in, there are no fashion police.
- Yoga is practiced in bare feet, please remove shoes and socks when you enter the room.

- If you can't bear being in bare feet, google yoga socks.  I love being barefooted, but I have students who like the yoga socks with grip.
- At the end of class we do savasana or final relaxation laying on our backs.  As the body settles it cools down.  Some students find socks, jumpers or shawls useful during savasana.  Do whatever feels nice for you.

Yoga Mats & Props:
- I provide mats and props at  my classes, courses and retreats.  I do, however suggest students own their own yoga mats in time.  Your mat becomes a special space and also gently encourages home practice.
- Click
HERE for a basic, but good yoga mat (what we have in class)
- Click
HERE to browse options that are more of a splurge with eco credentials (I have a few of these and love them)

Food & Drink:
- It's best to practice on an empty tummy.  Do not eat for a minimum of 90 minutes prior to practice.
- It is not advisable, nor necessary to drink water during hatha yoga.  Ideally hydrate prior and empty your bladder just before practice.

Your Health & Well-being:
- Please let me know before class if you have any health concerns, we can always find ways to work with what is presenting.
- ENJOY your practice, take it breath by breath and remember it's not a performance, but a personal journey of experiencing your amazing body & mind.