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Private Sessions & Classes

Meredith is animmensely sensitive and gifted teacherof yoga, and I have progressed much further under her guidance than under any other practitioner.  She has such a deeply engrained understanding of the ways of the body as it practices, but also a capacity to make that knowledge accessible and transparent to the student.  I have come so much further in inhabiting my yoga practice through Meredith, not just in our lessons but also through seeing how she maintains a beautiful gathered presence on and off the yoga mat! - A.M.

Private Sessions, Yoga Essentials Beginners Course & Classes

Meredith made me feel comfortable to begin doing yoga after I had not been practicing regularly for quite some time.  She is a gifted teacher with a beautiful down-to-earth concern for people and the demands of hectic lives.  She worked with me to develop home practice sequences that complimented my lifestyleas well as the needs of my body.  I came away feeling like I could continue doing yoga regularly on my own, with realistic expectations of home practice and goals for myself.  There were a couple of sequences that I probably could have gone to classes and struggled to get right for many years, but in a couple of sessions Meredith was able to tell me where I was going wrong and identify ways to open up parts of my body.  Having One to One practice and class workshops with Meredith not only opened my eyes to all the health benefits of the practice, but it has made me more mindful of ways in which I look after and treat my body.  It has given me a far more holistic approach to my health and fitness.  These sessions really changed the way I think about my body and have contributed to a truly enhanced sense of well-being and vitality. - L.F.

Private Sessions & Classes

I am a 70 year old woman and have attended a few yoga classes before attending Meredith's class which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I found her to be very patient, explaining the purpose of each pose and what parts of the body are benefiting.  Meredith also demonstrated beautifully and assisted in correct placement of body parts to maximise the benefits.  Also, her tone of voice and explanations are very soothing.  I have issues with my shoulders, preventing me from doing some of the poses and Meredith was able to work around my issues.  Meredith's class left me feeling refreshed, relaxedand knowing that I will continue especially since it also will help retain flexibility and improve my balance, which are very important to me given my age. - B.M.

Yoga Essentials Beginners Course & Classes

After some months of disappointment with overcrowded and poorly led yoga classes for beginners at various places, it was a great and important experience to be guided by Meredith.  Right from the beginning I felt safe because of the high professional level of her teaching, her great personal care for students at all levels and her own deep and committed practice.  Meredith's gentle way of introducing her students to the physical and spiritual practices changed my outlook on yoga and hence it has helped me to lead a more balanced and relaxed life and to deepen my spirituality.  Yoga with Meredith has always been what it ought to be: a lifestyle and attitude as much as healthy exercise. - M.N.

Private Sessions, Yoga Essentials Beginners Course & Classes

I took a yoga class with Meredith during a very busy, stressful term in college.  The weekly session helped me relax and ground myself, and I always slept well afterwards!  In general, I have felt more comfortable in and aware of my body since beginning to practice yoga, and Meredith has been very helpful in suggesting practices tailored to my own needs.  She is a very clear and helpful instructor, relaxed and gently encouraging. - V.M.


Meredith has a holistic approach and it great at explaining how the yoga postures relate to our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.  Her classes have helped me in my prayer and meditation through creating inner spaciousness and helping me to become more aware of my body, and how my body relates to the mental and spiritual aspects of my life.  Her classes have made me more at peace in myself and have helped me sleep much better. - S.H.


Yoga with Meredith has increased my flexibility and improved my posture which has improved my performance in rowing and eased injuries acquired during years of international basketball. - C.H.

Yoga Essentials Beginners Course

Meredith's yoga classes are fantastic - she is knowledgeable and intuitive, which is a very good quality in an instructor.  I had practiced yoga in the past, at one point attending classes multiple times weekly, so I had some degree of familiarity, but there were many in our class who had never practiced before.  Meredith held all of our needs together and I think everyone both learned something and enjoyed their time.  She was attentive, friendly and peaceful.  I can't wait to take another class of hers! - M.M.

De-stress at Your Desk Workshops

I would highly recommend Meredith Gunderson for a de-stress at your desk/chair yoga workshop.  Meredith offered this session to staff at Westcott House theological college in Cambridge and it was very well received.  Due to the success of this session, we invited Meredith to lead a second session on the same topic for our annual staff "Away Day".  Feedback from staff at both sessions has been universally positive.  Some of the feedback has included the soothing effect of Meredith's calm, relaxing voice, the practical and easy to follow techniques, and the benefits both in the workplace and beyond. - H.K.